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Tawoos trading company specializes in trade of food products, semi-manufactured food products and raw materials for the processing industry, whole sellers and retailers. 

The company was establishing in 2005 to take over the groups increasing  trade activities which specializes in the trade of Sesame, Groundnut, Gum Arabic and White Sorghum (pens/oil/cake). 


In all our company’s offices, one can find specialists with profound knowledge of each particular region, conducting extensive market research and with product expertise which provide customers with quality product, best service and competitive prices in the most efficient and professional way. Tawoos trading company’s highly experienced and talented team with long trading experience has created a totally fresh, unique and contemporary approach to trading busoness that is approperiate to today’s market and customer’s needs. 

Our mission is to offer the best and hightly personalised and professional service in the food market, with specific policies and standards for serving customers and producers, carefully monitoring the quality of the products we buy and sell and the service we provide. 

In order to respond fast on market changes, understand and foresee future tendencies in the commodities market and to be one step ahead, Tawoos Trading Company daily monitors and analyzes the situation for each indicator of the global chain. 

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In our endeavor to maintain quality at every step of the process, the company offers expertise and facilities in every aspect of the trading industry. We provide bulk storage for raw material and employ modern logistics and transport operations to move material to the industrial facilities. 


During the operational life of Tawoos Trading, we have imported and exported products in the range of $781 million US Dollars. 

Our Head Office

Our head office is located at our head quarters in Khartoum, Sudan. 

Tawoos Trading’s head office is situated in Khartoum (Sudan) together with several strategically located offices across the major states. The huge territory covered by the company gives the possibility to obtain detailed knowledge of each region.  

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8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

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Phone: +249 (183) 248-191