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Soft Flour Mills

Established in 2010, Soft flour mills specializes in the production of wheat flour. 

We focus on harnessing the latest technology to maintain our completely automated factory, ensuring consistent efficient processes to produce the highest standard of production.

Our Process

Once the wheat is received from our affiliates, it passes through a cleaning processes to remove coarse impurities and is then stored according to it’s quality. This is mainly determined by the hardness, protein quality and gluten quality of the wheat.  

Conditioning takes place before milling to produce uniform moisture content throughout the grain. Moistening helps to prevent break-up of the brain during milling and improves separation from the floury endosperm. 

After conditioniong, different batches of wheat are blended together to make a mix capable of producing the required flour quantities. 

Our Factory

The factory is located in Al-Bageer industrial city, Wad Madani and occupies an area of 9,000 squared meters.

Soft flour mills produces various types of wheat flour with a total production output of 360 metric tons of flour per day. 

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8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

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Phone: +249 (183) 248-191