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Sharg AL-Nile Flour Mills

Established in 1996, Sharg Al Nil Flour Mills produces various types of wheat flour

The company was originally a family owned business and was eventually acquired by Carawan Group. We have always rigorously focused on the grade and quality of our products and meeting customer preferences.

Our Process

Once the wheat is received from our affiliates, it passes through a cleaning processes to remove coarse impurities and is then stored. The whole pure wheat is then moved into conditioning bins. 

Conditioning takes place before milling to produce uniform moisture content throughtout the grain. Moistening helps to prevent break-up of the brain during milling and improves separation from the floury endosperm. 

After conditioning, different batches of wheat are blended together to make a mix capable of producing the required flour quantities. 

Our Factory

The factory is located Wad Madani, Al-Gazeera State and occupies an area of 27,000 squared meters. 

Sharg Al-Nile Mills produce various types of wheat flour with an output of 100 metric tons of flour per day.

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Working Hours

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Contact Details

Phone: +249 (183) 248-191