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The leading bulk cargo storage and handing site in Sudan, Sea Grains has a diverse range of Storage, handling, marketing and processing operations. 


Using best in class cargo management and storage techniques, Sea Grains has a storage capacity of up to 55,000 mt of bulk cargo. On site we offer ship discharging, bagging, blending, trucking and storage facilities. 

Strategic Advantages​

65,000 Metric Ton Storage

Modern warehouse facility with bulk storage capacity for complete discharge and bagged cargo storage. 

Located at the Port of Sudan

Bonded location within Port Sudan with access to 7 countries.

Bulk Bagging Facility

High speed state of the art bagging system to bag bulk fertilizers, wheat, soybean, grains..etc

Our Services

Cargo Handling

Bulk Cargo Bagging

Cargo Storage

Inland Transportation

Bulk Ship Load & Unload

Stock Monitoring

Located at PortSudan

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Working Hours

8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Contact Details

Phone: +249 (183) 248-191