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Established in 1960, Nile Cement Company specializes in the manufacturing of cement.  The company owns Rabak Cement Factory and a limestone reserve of 250 million tons in Al-Jabalian Area.


Huge Reserve

Massive limestone reserve of approximately 250 million tons

Easy Transportation

Transportation Railway line passes through the factory.

Exportation Routes

Minutes away from the Coasty river harbor connecting to exportation routes.


Originally set up as a public company, it was later acquired by private sector companies and is currently a partnership between Carawan Group (majority holders) and Zawaya Group.

The company faced financial challenges to complete construction of the factory. Failed resurrection plans were attempted in 1975 by partial privatization. Construction was finally complete in 2004 as a direct result of total transfer of ownership to the private sector. 

Initial cement production capacity was 350 metric tons of cement per day. Expansion plans were later implemented increasing the production capacities to 1,000 metric tons of cement per day. 

Rabak Cement Factory

Rabak cement factory is located in Al-Gabalian area and occupies an area of 8,200 squared meters.  

The factory has a total production output of 1,000 metric tons of cement per day. 

Our Process

Drilling takes place at our limestone reserve in Al-Gabalian, following that explosives are used to furthur disintegrate the rocks. Large pieces are then broken down using jack hammers, next they are all funneled into the crusher; the smaller pebble size rocks are finally transported to our factory. Upon arrival at the factory, additional materials are incorporated into the raw mix.

The final products are then fed into the kiln to produce the clinker. The clinker is cooled and mixed with additional materials according to the required cement specifications. Finally, the clinker mix is ground into cement and stored in a dry facility. The cement is packed, shipped and supplied upon demand. 

Development Plans

Changing the burning mechanism in the kiln from gasoline to Petcoke (petroleum coke), a more natural resource, to assist in sustainable production in our economy.

The addition of a new production line and additional storage silos.

Additional of specialized machinery and vehicles.

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8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

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