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The history of the Carawan Group is intertwined with the accomplishments of it’s founder, Hamid M. M. Mahmod.

The Beginning

From his early days, his interest in the market and exceptional skills in trade identified him as a trusted supplier in the market.


Birth of an Enterprise

Sensing the opportunities Hamid established “Carawan Enterprises” in 1986. Initially the company was aimed to source high quality foodstuff and was set to supply the local markets. They traded food products, semi-manufactured goods and raw materials for the agricultural industries.


Vegetable Oil Processing

Aquisition of an oil mill for the extraction of edibl oils from various seeds and nuts. The factory was named “Tawoos Oil Mills (TOM)”.


Production of Flour

Acquisition of a substantial ownership of “Sharg Al-Nile Flour Mills”, who produce various types of flour. Full ownership was later transferred to the “Carawan Group” in 2010.

Industrial Production

Establishment of “Carawan Industrial Company (CIC)” to manage and oversee the group’s production activities.


Manufacture of Cement

Acquisition of a substantial ownership interest in “Nile Cement Company (NCCL)”, who manufacture Cement. The company was established in 1960 and own’s “Rabak Cement Factory” and a huge limestone reserve of approximately 250 million tons of limestone.


Sustainable Agricultural Production

Establishment of “Rainbow”, an agricultural farming company for major crops.The aim of this company is to source various agricultural commodities that the group trades and processes.

Cargo Transportation

Establishment of “Energy Vision”, a road transport company for cargo within Sudan. The aim of the company is to facilitate transportation of commodities between the group’s facilities.

Tawoos Trading Company

Establishment of “Tawoos Investment Company (TIC)” to handle the group’s trade and trade related activities. The company was established to take over the group’s increasing trade activates.

The company established offices and labs across most major states of Sudan to analyze, asses and test commodities in the market along with marketing their products.


Manufacture of Cement Products

The group enters into a joint venture with Al-Safa Group and established Cemix, to produce various cement products and export them to neighboring countries.

Major Restructuring

Carawan Enterprises was transformed into a mother company and acted as the holding company for the group. The company was renamed to “Carawan Holding Company {CHC)”.

The transformation of Tawoos Investment Company (TIC) and Carawan Industrial Company (CIC) into stand-alone companies with their very own subsidary companies.

Tawoos Investment Company (TIC) was aimed to handle all trade related activites along with a few subsidary companies which facilitated their trade:-

1. Tawoos Warehouses: specialized storage facilities across the major states to store various commodities.

2. Tawoos Free Zones: temporary storage for cargo leaving or entering the country.

3. Titan Peeling Factory: commodity processing facilities for various crops.

Carawan Industrial Company (CIC) manages and oversees production activities for the group and owns two subsidiary companies, Nile Cement Company (NCCL) and Tawoos Oil Mills (TOM).

Group Structure as of Dec 2009


Automated Flour Factory

The group established their first fully automated factory for the production of flour. The factory was named “Soft Flour Mills”.


Cargo Handling

The group acquires part-ownership of a cargo handling company located at the port of Sudan called “Sea Grains”.


Refining of Minerals

Establishment of “Mahad Al-Zahab” for the mining and refining of various minerals.


Extraction and Refining of Edible Oils

Establishment of Sudan’s first solvent extraction plant for edible oils with a production output capable of meeting the local market consumption.

The factory is called “Al-Ballor Oil Factory” and encompasses four production plants equipped with the latest equipment and technologies for oil extraction from various seeds and pulses.

Paper and Print

The group acquires one of Sudan’s first established printing houses called “Sudanese Printing Company (SPC)”. The company was established in 1960 and a major supplier of paper and printing raw materials in the market.


Group Rebrand

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